#12 Career in Product / Project Management


Bishal Vaidya is a Product & Operation Manager at Introcept Nepal. He shares his experience and insights to deliver projects and lead teams in this Podcast . He draws on his experience from Software Engineer to Product Manager to explore how project managers create value in surprising places. His perspectives on project management, its uses, its challenges, its changes and its future will help up-skill the new comers in the field of Project/Product Manger to be more effective as a leader and project manager.

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00:00 Intro
00:35 Journey to Project Management
01:13 Switching from Software Development to Project Management
04:28 Is Technical Knowledge essential for Product/Project Management?
09:30 Project manager Vs Product Owner Vs Product Manager
17:35 How to get started as a Product/Project Manager?
21:55 English language when it comes to communication in product/Project Management
25:40 Importance of Communicating with Team members in product/Project Management
31:40 Data driven decision in product/Project Management
42:07 UX/UI in product/Project Management
46:44 Product/Project Manager as a middle man between Business Owner and Customers
52:40 How involved is a Product Manager when it comes to Company's Revenue generation?
56:04 How to handle a difference between Development Team and Implementation Team as a middle man?
1:09:30 The "YES" work culture
1:15:30 How does a Product Manager's role fit in a Service Company?
1:17: 55 Ending Note

Host : Ravi Mandal

Guest: Bishal Vaidya


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