12 Principles of Animation: The Complete Series


The Principle of Anticipation is one of the 12 Principles of Animation defined by Disney animators in the golden age of animation. The 12 Principles help to make your animations feel both realistic and engaging. In this series of videos we'll explore the principles one by one to show how you can apply them to your animation or motion graphics projects.

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I made this all in Adobe Animate, Photoshop and Premiere.

00:00 Intro
00:16 Squash & Stretch
02:02 Anticipation
05:03 Staging
08:19 Straight Ahead & Pose to Pose
14:56 Follow Through & Overlapping Action
17:42 Slow In & Slow Out
19:34 Arcs
21:24 Secondary Action
24:10 Timing
26:22 Exaggeration
28:09 Solid Drawing
30:02 Appeal
33:00 Members Shoutouts


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