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Live-action of animated movies is most of the time considered redundant, but there are few live-action movies that are made, to bring the dreams of the fans to come to life. And 2019's Pokémon Detective Pikachu is such a movie. Where its mind-blowing visual effects and awesome pokemon and their animation style became one of the most breathtaking moments among anime fans, and with its comedy suspense emotion, and lots of pokemon this is one movie that everyone would have enjoyed. And today on the very heavy demand for subscribers we are going to talk about, "15 Awesome Detective Pikachu Movie Facts",

Where you are going to know,

Who was originally going to play Pikachu in the Detective Pikachu movie ??
What was going to be Tim Goodman's Pokemon in the Detective Pikachu movie ??
What is the connection between Home Alone and the detective Pikachu movie ??
Why the specifically rhyme City was chosen for the detective Pikachu movie ??
How were the Pokemons created and Designed for the Detective Pikachu movie ??
What were the Critical and Financial Achviements of the Detective Pikachu movie ??
And, What is the Next Pokemon Live Action Movie ??

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