[18] RimWorld - Skitterleap! - Skaven - Mod Dev - Let's Play


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In this episode the skitterleap spell proves useful as a few raids cause valuable rat wizards to get caught out. Also, the Empire nearly overrun the warrens.

In this game I'll be playing my first long game with the Skaven (rat men) mod that I've been working on. The goal is to test the mod, see if there's anything important that feels like it is missing, and fix defects/add stuff as I go along.

Feel free to leave comments with thoughts on things that would very suitable for the Empire mod. I am gearing them up to be able to build the ultimate in defensible castle bases.

Visit the Discord page for the mod here: If you want to contribute, we can always use playtesters, graphics people, and more. So far I've done almost everything myself in this mod; some assistance would speed things up!

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Working with graphics
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