18: Sudo - BLFS 11.0 on iMac


Part 18: Building and installing Sudo.

This series of videos guides you from a basic Linux From Scratch installation to a full desktop installation using instructions from the Beyond Linux From Scratch book.

Please note that even though the demonstration is on an Intel-based Apple iMac, the installation should be identical to installing on *any* PC.

The installation is a long process. Hundreds of dependent packages and libraries need to be installed at first until finally some of the larger software suites such as X Windows, KDE, Gnome, LibreOffice, Firefox & Thunderbird can be built. The whole build is shown in full across these videos and entirely from scratch, using only the freely available source code and of course the BLFS instructions! The reward is a complete desktop system which would be quite capable for daily use.

I show the installation being completed on the iMac without resorting to the use of another computer using SSH to install remotely. It will help if you are able read the book online as I demonstrate ( on a smartphone or tablet) or even print it out, but this is not strictly necessary: it will just make the installation a little easier.


1. WARNING!!! I set CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS for the duration of this build as I did for my LFS videos. However I DO NOT RECOMMEND doing this. I believe this is why this build had so many problems.

2. I did no preparation for these videos so that I could present the compiling process as a kind of 'live' session to demonstrate how a typical build might go.

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