20 Lessons Learned From a 2 Week Trip In Our Motorhome


We just completed a 2-week road trip in our motorhome and in today's video, we share 20 lessons learned: things we did right and things we will do differently next time.

We discuss how we prepared for this trip and how we will plan differently in the future. Share some of the differences between motorhoming in Scotland v England. And a bunch of tips we wish we had known before embarking on this trip.

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► Who are we?
We’re Rob and James, partners in crime and life for over 10 years. Together with our dog, Oscar, we love travelling, exploring and being outdoors.

For the past few years, we have spent a month in the winter in warmer climes but the pandemic put paid to that (for now) so we decided to explore more of our beautiful home country, the UK.

At the start of 2021 we purchased our first #motorhome and boy, was it a steep learning curve. There was much we wished we had known both before and after we bought, and so we decided to start this YouTube channel (as well as our website ) in the hope we can share what we have learned and also share our mistakes and what we learn as we go along. Unlike many, we are relative newbies and want to share our honest journey with you.

We publish 4 kinds of videos on this channel:

1. Our travel vlogs
2. Helpful #campervan, #RV, #motorhome and #caravan tips and tricks
3. Site reviews
4. Product reviews

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