2022 Momentum Pakyak E+ Review $5.5k


The Momentum Pakyak E+ is a premium electric cargo bike with dual-battery option for extended range, high speed 28mph performance in the US, and powerful SynchDrive Pro mid-drive motor (based on Yamaha PW-X). Available in two colors, the mid-step frame is approachable, and the adjustable height seat post accommodates multiple riders who share! High performance hydraulic disc brakes use thick upgraded rotors, extra large brake fluid reservoirs, and quad piston calipers for safe stops under load and at speed. Wide handlebar slows turns while requiring less hand effort. ViscoSet headset smooths steering and brings the handlebar back to center, improving stability. Stiff frame did not flex or wobble at speed, despite being a mid-step. Custom double-leg kickstand provides excellent stability for loading, and is easy to deploy and stow. Smaller 24-inch wheel size makes the bike easier to load with cargo, while still offering a low attack angle and higher air volume for comfort. Premium integrated lights are highly visible, the headlight points where you steer but doesn't interfere with the front rack. Momentum is part of Giant, which has a vast network of dealers who provide support. While pricey, the bike offers good value due to premium components, refined accessories, and unique characteristics found nowhere else. It's very heavy at 84lbs, but feels powerful when riding. The battery charging port position is low, the charger is large and heavy while also requiring a dongle to charge packs off bike.

0:00 Introduction, company background
0:38 Motor overview, SyncDrive Pro / Yamaha PW-X
1:22 Weight: 84lbs total, motor, batteries
1:47 Front and rear rack discussion, accessories!
2:50 Drivetrain overview, Shimano Nexus Inter 5E IGH
3:22 Fork mounting options, fenders, lights, kickstand
4:54 Brakes, spokes, rims, suspension dropper post
8:05 Boost hub spacing front, floating dropout rear
8:36 Key-matched storage compartment and battery
9:12 Matching paint and minimalist graphics
9:40 Cane Creek Viscoset stabilizing headset
10:12 Motor details: 250w, 80nm, 360%, 170 RPM
10:47 On-frame battery charging port, battery details
11:46 Open storage container, battery removal
13:59 Battery care tips, battery charger details
16:08 Display panel intro, USB C charging port!
17:32 Display panel menus operation, lights demo
20:38 Giant RideControl smartphone app
21:33 Display brightness, stability braking test
22:53 Kickstand test, third person shots
22:29 Drivetrain shots, RPM pedal speed test
24:38 Shifting tests, Shimano NEXUS Inter-5e
25:45 Conclusions and site resources (compare, forums)
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