2022 New Guide How to use SteamVR with the HP Reverb G2 & WMR!


2022 Update Guide: How to use the HP Reverb G2 with SteamVR & WMR!

In today's video we go through the updated guide how to set up SteamVR for HP Reverb G2 users as there may have been some changed in the last few months.

0:30 Link to enter to win a brand new HP Reverb G2, Cybershoes, SD$50 voucher to Meta Oculus Quest/VivePort/SteamVR store
1:20 Step 1 how to download SteamVR from the main Steam website to run on the HP Reverb G2, Oculus Meta Quest and PCVR (install in NVME Drive);
2:11 Different PCs will run the set up tips differently please do your research;
2:32 Step 2: Download the Mixed Reality software for the HP Reverb G2 from the Microsoft store;
2:55 Step 3 Open the Mixed Reality Software on your Computer;
3:15 Step 4 go to the Start and Desktop Windows Mixed Reality Settings and enable Start SteamVR when Mixed Reality Portal is Launched;
4:00 How to see the Hp Reverb G2 Windows Mixed Reality App content on the Desktop Window by clicking the Play button;
5:00 How to launch a VR Game from Steam VR with the Hp Reverb G2 controllers;
6:00 How to by pass the look right/left/down and go to the Mixed Reality home directly using the Hp Reverb G2;
6:20 How to launch SteamVR from the Mixed Reality Home with the Hp Reverb G2;
6:50 How to ensure optimum tracking with the HP Reverb G2;
7:38 How to better graphics and or faster gameplay by changing the super sampling settings inside of SteamVR using the Hp Reverb G2;
10:04 How to change the Super sampling graphics for VR games inside of SteamVR with the HP Reverb G2, Oculus Meta Quest 2 and PCVR;
11:00 How to change the retrospection settings in SteamVR with Mixed Reality for the hp Reverb G2;
12:50 Tips how to get best graphics settings inside of the VR Apps;
13:30 Tips disable Xbox S pass background settings when running SteamVR;
14:00 Disable Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling;
14:50 Nvidia advice disable Experimental and automatically download updates and disable Automatically Optimize newly added games;
16:00 More tips ensure only running SteamVR and Windows Mixed Reality and close all other programs when running VR with the Hp Reverb G2;
16:50 VR Essentials NVIDIA Graphics Settings using an RTX2070;

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