2d Animation Software review| Paid& Free| The Best for YouTube and Freelancing


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In this video, I try to go through Over 27 different 2d Animation Software review| Paid& Free| The Best for YouTube and Freelancing. And at the end, I give my opinion and answer the question of which is the best is.


1:00 Tupi Tube.
1:34 Open Toonz.
2:15 Sketchbook.
2:43 Krita.
3:12 Stickz/ Pivote Animation.
3:52 Sinfig Studio.
4:29 Pencil 2D.
4:48 DigiCel.
5:21 TV Paint.
5:54 Plastic Animation Paper.
6:29 Blender Grease Pencil.
7:40 Moho.
8:29 Adobe (animate, flash character animator).
9:22 Retas.
9:57 Antics 2D.
10:52 Cell Action 2D.
11:35 Clip Studio Paint.
12:00 Toon Boom Harmony.
12:46 Cartoon Animator 4.
13:34 Toonly.
13:52 Doodly.
13:56 VideoScribe.
14:13 Wick Editor , Animaker, Moovely.

Channels used in this video under YouTube Fair Use Policy

Aza Play And Learn TV, Toonly, Doodley
Luca Damasco, Wick Editor
Timothy Luu, Videoscrib
Reallusion, Cartoon Animator
Reuben Lara, clip studio paint
Diki Kristiawan - Nozomi Pictures, Retas studio
Phil crow, Simpsons video, Adobe
DigitalPuppets, Adobe Character animator
Spring Box Studio, The Ballon (Animated using Blenders Grease Pencil)
AGORA, Blender Grease pencil.
The True Artist, Plastic Animation Paper
XPG Animation, TV Paint
Vn Ch, SynFig Animation
Jesse J. Jones, ToonBoom Harmony
Reuben Lara, Clip Studio Paint
Shane Skuse, CelAction
TupiTube, Tupi 2d Animation
NobleFrugal Studio, OpenToonz
Paul Tillery IV, Thundercluck, Chicken of Thur
Toonboxstudio, Sketchbook Animation

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