84 | Three Eligible Hall of Fame Voters Discussing 2022 Ballot | The Chris Rose Rotation


Howard Bryant, Ken Davidoff and Jeff Passan join Chris Rose to talk about the 2022 MLB Hall of Fame ballot, how they would vote for Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Curt Schilling and what to expect on January 25th when the results are revealed

This was recorded before the HOF ballots were due

1:52 Why Howard and Jeff chose not to vote
6:10 Why Ken votes every year
7:05 Would you vote for Alex Rodriguez?
10:00 Barry Bonds
19:30 How to be eligible to vote & voters
25:25 Why Ken puts his ballot out there
29:00 Teams campaigning for players
31:51 David Ortiz getting in on first ballot?
36:45 How WAR has effected the voting
41:20 Curt Schilling’s last opportunity
50:00 CC Sabathia a HOFer?
51:14 Howard is stunned that Sammy Sosa is an afterthought
57:45 Andruw Jones
59:10 Who are you “pounding the table” for?
1:03:40 Wheel of Moderately Interesting Things

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