Adobe Illustrator Tips That Few Designers Know About!


There are many amazing and incredible things in Adobe Illustrator, a lot of which many designers don't know about. Here are 6 hidden tips in Adobe Illustrator that you likely have never heard of before, ones that can seemingly fit into your graphic design workflow.
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So todays Adobe Illustrator tutorial by Satori Graphics® is really useful. There are 6 tips of hidden tricks that many people don't know are inside of Illustrator, and so this tutorial is perfect for beginner designers, or the more advanced graphic designers too. The tips range from quick shortcuts, to other aspects of a tool or feature that most don't even know exist.
We can dive into the complexities of this graphic design software all day long, and still won't be able to cover everything that it has to offer. But as a graphic designer, I do know that Adobe Illustrator is my main home, and I love making tutorials just like this one, to share knowledge and insights into the vector powerhouse software by Adobe.
I'm sure that after you've watched and consumed todays Adobe Illustrator tutorial, you will realise that there were in fact things you didn't know about Adobe Illustrator, maybe not all 6, but you likely will have learned something. My bet is on the computer mouse wheel trick!

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