AIAS Beyond Architecture Webinar


The Beyond Architecture Webinar delves into the exciting career paths of panelists Alexandra Juzkiw, Ryan Scavnicky and Peter Marshall as they discuss how they branched off from
conventional architectural practice.

About the Speakers:

Alexandra Juzkiw
Alex is a First Assistant Art Director & Set Designer at Directors Guild of Canada - Ontario and has worked on sets from Stark Trek: Discovery and Reign, to more recently, Lost in Space and many more!

Ryan Scavnicky
Apart from his role as an adjunct professor at Kent State University, Ryan's work explores architecture critique and theory mainly through his media firm Extra Office but also through his various social media platforms.

Peter Marshall
A former video gamer designer, Peter now works for FORREC as a creative director and one of their chief storytellers for theme parks, and immersive entertainment experiences around the world.
Working with graphics
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