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if you’re thinking of diving into the entire process of producing Anime from the idea to final product. you’ll have to consider taking your art to the next level by using 2D digital software. Today we’ll present to you the best anime software to expand your horizons and kick-start your career as 2D artist or 2D animator.

6_Open Toonz
it’s an open-source software completely free of charge that can be one of the best 2D animation tools for beginners.

It’s definitely one of the leader software of digital and concept art in the iOS App Store, being exclusively launched by the Apple brand.

4_TV Paint
it is a software built to enhance any kind of digital illustration in general, in addition to specific features and tools for Anime production. It’s used globally and trusted by famous studios such as “Studio Colorido” and “Wit Studio”.

3_Toon Boom Storyboard Pro
If you’re a fervent Manga reader you’re certainly familiar with the concept of panels, characters' dialog, and scene backgrounds. It’s actually one of the major pre-stages that come before the animation, compositing or the final editing of the Anime.

2_RETAS Studio Pro
This full animation bundle is a leader in Japan’s anime industry since 2008, and it was widely used before the arrival of its successor Clip Studio Paint.

1_Clip Studio Paint Pro
Formerly called “Manga Studio”, it’s one of the most powerful software of graphic design in general. The thing that makes it very interesting is the fact that it suits many types of design, in addition to many stages of Anime creation.

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