Best Code Editor For Programmers in 2021 • Code Editor With Advanced Features


In this video, I have mentioned a code editor that is power packed with many advanced coding features.

Visual Studio Code is non-doubtfully the best code editor that has the powerful pros as follows:
1) Simple and Flexible UI - With an awesome color combination, VSCode enables us to work on more than one window. Morever it has an easy to use interface.

2) Extensions - This is the feature that makes VSCode powerful than the other code editors. It has many extensions and plugins that helps to provide auto completion features and alot of advanced features to this editor.

3) Git Integration - VSCode and Git both are the product of Microsoft and that's why VSCode has the git integration that helps the developers to perform git operations quickly in this editor

4) Built-In Command Prompt - VSCode provides the basic command prompt inside it, so we don't have to open another on the side.

5) Smooth Coding Experience - Overall it helps in formatting the codes, plus the auto complete algorithms and the other features helps in providing a smooth coding experience to the user.

Apart from this, VSCode has the cons like High RAM consumptions and it also takes time for opening a project, and for that I gave a suggestion which is to use Sublime Text Editor as it is lightweight-fast and provides descent coding features.

Contents Of The Video:
0:00 - Introduction
0:15 - The Best Code Editor
0:35 - Pros Of VS Code
7:00 - Cons Of VS Code
7:52 - Solution To VS Code's Cons
8:57 - Conclusion

Do watch my conclusion at the end.
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