Best Compact Phones (2021) | Top 10 Favourite Mini Mobiles

Reviews of the best small smartphones you can buy in 2021, boasting easy one-handed use. My favourite compact mobiles including Google's Pixel 5, 4a and 4a 5G, Asus' fresh Zenfone 8, Apple's iPhone 12 Mini, Sony's Xperia 5 ii and foldable 'bendy' phones like Motorola RAZR 5G and Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip. Not forgetting the tiny Jelly 2, a three-inch handset!

Here's reviews of my favourite dinky mobiles of 2021 so far and how they stack up for specs, camera tech, performance, gaming, battery life and beyond.

In a world of massive mobiles, these compact blowers are perfect for one-hand play. Among the best is Google's Pixel 5 flagship, which boasts one of the greatest smartphone cameras around. The Pixel 4a 5G is also a winner, culling the 90Hz refresh and water resistance but coming in £100 cheaper. For those on a tight budget, there's always the Pixel 4a too.

I also like the new Zenfone 8, although the battery life is less than stellar. Gamers will love the SD888 speed, that OLED screen is a stunner, and - plain design aside - there's little not to adore here.

If you're more of an iOS fan, check out the iPhone 12 Mini. Apple's small mobile is still easy to use with one mitt despite that brick-like design. I prefer Sony's Xperia 5 ii however, which sports a notch-free 21:9 display, pro camera tech, and some great media smarts.

The Moto RAZR 5G is also rather nifty, provided you have the budget for it. That bendy OLED screen means the RAZR folds up super compact, just like Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip - one of my favourite foldable smartphones right now.

Check out my reviews/unboxings of these mobiles here on Tech Spurt for more info!

Best Compact Phones 2021 Chapters:
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0:44 - Google Pixel 4a, 5G and 5
3:12 - Asus Zenfone 8
4:25 - iPhone 12 Mini
5:25 - iPhone 12, iPhone SE 2020
5:50 - Sony Xperia 5 II
7:45 - Motorola Moto RAZR 5G
8:58 - Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
9:41 - Unihertz Jelly 2
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