Best text editors 2021 for web development and programming


Choose a better place to code. Here are top 5 text editors to boost your programming skills and save your precious time.

A good text editor is more than enough to code. Many peoples at beginning just get burnt by not finding the text editor they want. But at the end you code is code either you write it on notepad or a text book. What matters the most is the process, not the code.

So for making your coding process fun, here are some of the best free text editors out there which can suit all the levels of coders it doesn't matter whether you are begginer or advance. These are some of the better choice out there.

0:00 - Introduction
0:47 - 1
1:35 - 2
2:36 - 3
3:57. - 4
5:17 - 5
6:42 - recommendations
7:30 - Try other also

Links for code editors:
1. Vs code:
2. Sublime text:
3. Atom :
4. Brackets:
5. Notepad++:

This is not only my recommendation. I have compiled this result after learning a lot of blog posts from present and past. I have created poll on facebook also. And I have shared a little bit of my personal experience in all of them.

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