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Guys In this video we are going to discuss about Best Video Editing Software 2021 for Windows and Mac.
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Video content is growing very fast and now if you want to grow your business or want to become a social media influencer, YouTuber etc. you need to create videos and for that you need to know about best video editing software according to your requirements and operating system. it doesn't matter what operating system you use Windows 10 or Mac Os because almost all best video editing software available for both windows and mac.

How to choose Best Video Editing Software For You ?
If you are looking for best video editor that suits you, you need to focus on few things.
1. Your Previous Editing Skill
2. What Type of Video You want To Create
3. What Operating System You Have
4. You System Configuration

There are lost of video editing software out there and every software fits as a best in some condition. Like Some software is best for beginners, Some software is best for low system configuration, Some system is best for advance video editing and color correction. some is best for mac os. so you need to think about above condition.

This video is more like a comparison video because we are going to discuss all the software on the same parameters like
1. Level Of Editing ( Beginner / Advance )
2. Supported Operating system ( Windows / Mac OS )
3. System Requirements ( Processor , Ram, Graphics Card )
4. Learning Process ( Easy or Hard to Learn )
5. Editing Software Price ( Free Or Paid )
6. Available Template Resource

Best Video Editing Software 2021 Download link And Tutorial Link -
Filmora X
Download :

Adobe Premiere Pro
Download :
Tutorial :

Final Cut Pro
Download :
Tutorial :

DaVinci Resolve
Download :
Tutorial :

Time Link ( If You Want To Jump )
00:00 Video Introduction
01:12 Filmora X
04:47 Premiere Pro
08:48 FCPX
12:20 DaVinci Resolve
15:30 Best Software For You
16:11 Video Outro

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