Best Video Editing Software in 2022 (For Beginners, YouTube, Windows & Mac)


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► 5. Filmora X -
► 4. Pinnacle Studio 25 -
► 3. Davinci Resolve -
► 2. Adobe After Effects -
► 1. Adobe Premiere Pro -

If you don't have time to watch the video, here is a short summary for you. In this video, we reviewed the top 5 best software for video editing that you can use. At number 5, we have Filmora X, which is the best video editing software for beginners, since it's very easy to use and can get most of the things done easily. At number 4, we have Pinnacle Studio 25 as the best video editing software for intermediates. At number 3, we have Davinci Resolve which is a free video editing software. Even though it's free, it's considered to be an advanced software for intermediate and professional editors. Next, at number 2 we have Adobe After Effects, which is the best special effects editing software. Finally, as the best overall video editing program we have Adobe Premiere Pro.

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