Can any GPU still pay for itself before Ethereum Mining ends? (ROI BY ETH2.0) Best GPU for ETH 2021!


Are there any GPUs that can still pay themselves off by mining Ethereum before ETH goes to proof of stake? What is the best GPU for mining Ethereum in 2021? In this video I take a deep dive and crunch all the numbers on pretty much all available graphics cards that can mine ethereum to see if (at current market prices) there are any of them that can pay for themselves before Eth happens. This profitability calculation also takes EIP-1559 into account as we will see a 15% decrease in our profits after that is implemented around the beginning of August this year. In this video I have done all the math for both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards to try to figure out what is the best GPU to buy for Ethereum mining now in 2021!

Link to spreadsheet comparing GPUs for Ethereum mining:

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