Character Animation Procreate | Movies Making | Short 1


Making Animation Movie | Goku Inspired | Short 1

Hi friends this video is on how to make an animation movie, so we will be uploading videos on how you can learn from this tutorial on how to make an animation movie. we have a storyline for an animation movie and will be using the tool procreate to draw and animate our characters and then we will make this characters animated to get the scenes and shorts we require for the storyline. These scenes will be later combined to make the full animation movie, we will be creating a playlist and videos on each individual shots and scenes and also will combine them with music and audio to make the full movie, so we believe this will help you to understand the whole process of drawing and animating using other tools like like the iPad, procreate software, iMovie for editing, adding audio and any other tools required to make the whole movie experience.
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