Choosing the Best Code Editor for You


Beginners are constantly told what they should use and do. I'm not. These are just your options. YOU decide and don't let anyone make you feel small or stupid for your choice. But also don't whine about it when you make the wrong pick for certain situations (like never learning vi and trying to become a Unix Systems Administrator.) There are a lot of considerations you may not yet have realized. This is me helping you know they exist so you can make an informed decision.

Editors are roughly listed from heaviest to lightest.

0:00 - Why the fuss?

Integrated Development Environment:
2:25 - Microsoft Visual Studio
4:07 - Jetbrains (IntelliJ, PyCharm, Goland, WebStorm, etc.)
6:30 - Eclipse (mostly 'cuz you have to)
Light-weight Text Editors:
8:25 - Sublime Text
11:03 - GitHub Atom (Electron)
13:00 - Adobe Brackets
13:40 - Microsoft Visual Studio Code
16:50 - VSCodium
Terminal Text Editors:
19:17 - History of Terminal Editors
20:53 - ed
21:20 - vi (nvi)
22:35 - vim
22:44 - nano (pico, joe)
28:50 - emacs
37:02 -
42:00 -
42:14 - neovim (just say no)
Code editors
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