Code 0 to 20: Themes and Fonts — Customizing the appearance of VS Code


An in-depth look at customizing the appearance of VS Code, with a focus on themes and fonts.

First we'll cover basic customization including zoom level, color themes, file icon themes, and font settings. This first part is targeted at people who are either new to VS Code or have been using VS Code for a while but are now interested in customizing their workspace. These basic customization options let you easily change the entire look of VS Code.

The second part of the video looks at some advanced customization using the and settings. This lets you fine tune the appearance of VS Code and is targeted at more experienced VS Code users

= Sections =

0:00 Intro
0:59 Zoom level
2:34 Color themes
9:32 File Icon themes

13:12 Fonts: Font Family
16:08: Font Size
17:08 Font Weight
17:42 Line height
18:52 Ligatures

21:45: Advanced customization

34:45 Next Steps

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