Code Editors vs IDEs : Why you NEED to STOP using IDEs


IDE vs Code Editors, a mistake that many people learning to code make when finding an environment to use to write, run, test and debug their code. Beginners see people use Intergrated development environments or IDEs used to teach programming and they themselves try to use an IDE like Pycharm, IntelliJ, Net Beans, Eclipse among others. These applications are used by IDEs that are making scalable applications used by people whereas you as a beginner will be making simple applications to learn basic computer science concepts and syntax of programming languages. You will learn better by using code editors like Sublime text, Atom, Visual Studio code.

If you are into Machine Learning and Data Science, try using the Anaconda Distribution along with Jupyter Notebooks.

If you are into plain Python, Sublime Text is my favorite.
If you are into Web development, Visual Studio Code is the best. according to me.
If you are into Android Development, Android Studio is a great option.
If you are into Competitive coding, pretty much any code editor should be fine for you. Some also like to use Notepad++.

Download Sublime Text:
Download Visual Studio Code:
Download Atom:
Download Visual Studio:

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