Code FH301 Forza Horizon 5 -Solved!- please update your graphic driver found expected or newer.


please update your graphic driver. found , expected or newer (code: FH301).

Good Day Guys,
before 2 days When I first installed forza horizon 5 on my pc, what I expected is I will not get any issue playing the game. thats because my laptop is a gaming laptop with Nvidia G force 3060 tI, 6 GB , the ram is 16 GB, core I 7, however when I first launched the game, I got the following error:
please update your graphic driver. found , expected or newer (code: FH301).

I searched on google and youtube , but I didn't found solution for this issue, until I uninstall and refund from steam, then I purchased again from Microsoft store. then again shocked with the same error, the funny thing it the solution was very easy.

so don't worry guys, I will learn you step by step how to solve it. so lets begin.

Step 1) Allow the game exe file to your Antivirus program, disable your antivirus program or controlled folder access while playing the game.

Step 2) Install Visual C++ files: all links below in description.

Step 3) and the important step is Do a clean installation of graphics driver

if follow the mentioned 3 steps exactly. then this definitely will solve the problem.

at the end of the video . thanks for watching. don't forget to
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