Create 30 Days of Viral Client Attracting Content with Katya


Join Lesli Bitel and Katya Varbanova to learn how to turn strangers into superfans and clients with social media (without being pushy or wasting your life online) even if you have a tiny audience.

Known as the Viral Marketing Queen, Katya is a viral content creator and social media marketing strategist who helps entrepreneurs grow & monetize massive audiences online.

You’ll learn:

- How to create your content in a way that actually fits your marketing and sales schedule so that you can actually get clients from social media.
- Why you should stop beating yourself up for not posting enough and start being actually consistent.
- What you need to do to shift people from consuming free content to buyers in an authentic & ethical way.
- Katya’s top tips on how to Implement the most efficient, easiest, least time consuming way to create content that grows your audience and authority on autopilot.

Katya has helped more than 10,000 paying customers, enabling many to go viral, secure TEDx Talks, attract book deals, and gain mainstream recognition for their work - and she’s excited to share her tips, techniques, and strategies with you!
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