Custom Keyboard + Mouse Sounds ASMR (handcam) | Hypixel Bedwars


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➤Discord Server:

➤Wemmbu 10k

➤Subscribe Animation: arialfx


➤Ryzen 5 3600

➤RTX 2060 Super

➤Crucial Ballistix 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) Memory

➤Samsung 970 Evo Solid State Drive

➤Aorus B450 Elite V2 Motherboard

➤600 Watt EVGA Power Supply

➤Keyboard: Tokyo60 with:
-Alpaca Switches (Lubed)
-Akko Neon Purple Keycaps

➤Mouse: Model O (Matte Black)

➤Microphone: Blue Yeti

➤Editing Software: Davinci Resolve (and I also had good experience with VSDC on my older videos)

➤Recording Software: OBS Studio

➤Thumbnail: Mine-imator (for 3d models) + Pixlr


❌Tags (ignore these):

#bedwars, #hypixel, #minecraft

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I got some of the CRAZIEST minecraft bedwars clutches in this video, The BEST Lunar Client settings for HIGH FPS, Sweaty Solo Bedwars Games, Insane Keyboard + Mouse Sounds, fast and clean games,
Sound recording software
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