Cute Kaiju (Gura, Pikamee, Luna Animation)


I'd love a collab between them :D

Audio from:
@天野ピカミィ. Pikamee
@Gawr Gura Ch. hololive-EN
@Luna Ch. 姫森ルーナ

Luna's piano cover of the Godzilla theme:

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My instagram:

*Answers to potential questions*

Q: "Can I use your animation?"

A: Of course! Just please make sure to credit my name
(Example: "@reyyuma / Video by Rey Yuma on YouTube")
and have a link to my original video if possible.

Q: "What software do you use for animation?"

A: I use Clip Studio Paint EX for animating and Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects for video editing.

Q: "What tablet do you use for drawing?"

A: I use the Huion Kamvas 13.

#Animation #Hololive #VOMS
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