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Prof Zahid Islam of Charles Sturt University Australia presents a Freely available Data Mining Software. Two papers discussed in this video are freely available at the following web links: and

The full reference to the papers are as follows:

Islam, M. Z. and Giggins, H. (2011): Knowledge Discovery through SysFor: A Systematically Developed Forest of Multiple Decision Trees, In Proc. of the Ninth Australasian Data Mining Conference (AusDM 11), Ballarat, Australia. December 01 - December 02, 2011. CRPIT, 121. Vamplew, P., Stranieri, A., Ong, , Christen, P. and Kennedy, P. J. Eds., ACS. 195-204

Adnan, M. N. and Islam, M. Z. (2017): Forest PA: Constructing a Decision Forest by Penalizing Attributes used in Previous Trees, Expert Systems with Applications (ESWA), Vol. 89, pg. 389 - 403, DOI:

Our papers on data mining, decision trees etc. are available at: ~zislam/
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