Desk of Ladyada - Full Time Floppy Fun!


The week between Christmas and New Years is usually a time when we get to play with some new technology since a lot of people are out and many meetings are postponed. but this year we played with some *old* technology! we tried hooking up a " floppy drive to a microcontroller to see if we can read data from it. we learned a lot about floppy interfacing and also made a library that will connect with greaseweazle software to dump disk images using low cost hardware like the rp2040 pico

The Great Search - Floppy Disk Drive Power Connectors!

OK so one challenge we've disk-covered (ha) doing floppy interfacing is that you need to really power them right. The power connector is a keyed pitch right angle PCB mount part let's find a connector on Digi-Key we can use in our design!

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