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Minute 0:01 - - Presentation Created with Doodly
Minute 0:17 - - Welcome and Introduction
Minute 1:43 - - Showing the Dashboard and the Different Elements in Doodly

Minute 2:32 - How to Create a Video with Doodly from Scratch

Minute 2:32 - - Choosing the Surface (Whiteboard, Blackboard, Greenboard, Glassboard or Any Color)
Minute 4:45 - - How do Timeline and Choosing Scenes, Characters, Props, Texts (Fonts) and Sounds work
Minute 10:33 - - Creating a Story with Doodly from Scratch: adding a scene, adding different scenes, characters, props, texts, scene settings
Minute 24:36 - - Managing Settings for Music, Surface, types of Hands, Scene Transitions and Erase Mode
Minute 27:11 - - Music Fading in and out, adding Voiceover from within Doodly and Preview video
Minute 29:57 - - Recreating the images you upload as if they were drawn by the Doodly hand: how to create image paths on your own images to create more realism
Minute 36:15 - - Exporting your Doodly Video
Minute 37:41 - - Find your brand new Doodly Video under My Videos

Minute 37:56 - - Personal Thank You and Introduction to Automatic Script
Minute 39:13 - - Automatic Script's Dashboard
Minute 39:32 - - How to Create a Script, giving it a Name, choosing the type of Script you need, Editing and Publishing

Minute 47:23 - - Personal Thank You and Introduction to PressPlay
Minute 48:02 - - Dashboard overview
Minute 48:47 - - Creating a New Project and Campaign
Minute 49:06 - - How the General Settings Work - The Video Behavior
Minute 53:03 - - How the Video Appearance Works
Minute 55:19 - - How to add a Watermark to your Videos
Minute 55:51 - - How to Copy Main Settings From Other Videos
Minute 56:31 - - How Interaction Settings Work - Lead Capture Form within your Videos
Minute 58:20 - - How Share Gateway Works to share your videos on Facebook from within the Video
Minute 59:44 - - How the Call To Action Buttons within the Video Work
Minute 1:00:28 - - How to Add Annotations on your Video
Minute 1:01:20 - - How to Preview and Publish your Video
Minute 1:04:50 - - How To Create Interactive Funnels within your Video
Minute 1:10:15 - - Where to Find the Statistics of your Videos
Minute 1:11:35 - - How To Create Playlists
Minute 1:12:24 - Conclusion and Thank You for Watching!
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