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New generation of CrazyTalk Animator - Cartoon Animator is here!!!
Cartoon Animator 4 (CTA 4):
Cartoon Animator 4 Demo Video:

In our second sneak peak into CrazyTalk Animator 3, we show you some awesome new features, including the ability to freely deform any prop in your scene for dynamic and energetic movement that was much more difficult to achieve in the past. You'll also get an advanced look at how you can create interactive animated props that you can embed with their own custom motion libraries. Most impressive is the innovative new facial animation system that now allows you to do much more with fewer sprites, such as morphing and stretching facial features to create smooth and bouncy cartoon-like animation.

Features covered in Work In Progress II:
* Prop Deformation: from basic movement to cartoon behavior.
* Interactive Animated Prop: create and reuse the animated props.
* Facial Animation System: expression as natural as an Oscar winner.

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