ETERNALS: Celestial Death Explained! Why Did Tiamut Sacrifice Himself?


Eternals Celestial Emergence Scene Explained! Did the Celestial Tiamut sacrifice himself? And if so, why? For 20% off your first order, visit and enter promo code marvel.
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Eternals Tiamut Scene! As the Eternals successfully stop the Emergence, Sersi and the other Eternals realize that the Celestial Tiamut joined their Uni-Mind to allow Sersi to transform him! But why did Tiamut let this happen? And what happens to the MCU now that a giant Celestial corpse is in the Indian Ocean? I this episode of Inside Marvel, Erik Voss and MT answer your biggest questions coming out of Eternals, including every major takeaway from the botched Emergence of Tiamut and how the MCU will respond to the arrival of the Celestials. Also, an exclusive interview with Sprite actor Lia McHugh!

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