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Express Animate is a digital visual effects and motion graphics program with tools for enhancing and animating movie projects. This video will cover the Express Animate interface and will help you get started using the program.

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From the Welcome Screen, you can start a New Project, Open an Existing Project, Open a Sample Project or View the Getting Started Guide. I recommend opening the Sample Project the first time you use Express Animate to familiarize yourself with the software.

The main interface includes several panels: the Objects Panel, Canvas Panel and the Composition Panel.

The Objects Panel displays objects and their hierarchy in the active composition. You can select an object, delete it or assign a parent using drag and drop.

The Composition panel is used to adjust an object’s order, properties or timing. The composition panel toolbar has buttons to toggle scrub, snapping, and the curve editor on or off. Click the duration button to open the Composition duration window. Use the scroll bar on the right of the composition panel to switch the view to another object. To zoom in or out on the Composition panel, use the zoom slider on the bottom right.

The Canvas Panel shows everything that is visible in the composition at the current time marker and also has tools for editing an object or its properties. To Play your composition and view it in the Canvas Panel, click on the play button. To the right of the play, controls are controls to edit the aspect ratio, preview quality and scale of the composition.

Immediately above the Canvas Panel, you will see a ‘Tip’ area. Tips change based on your current selection. You can use your mouse to zoom in and out on the Canvas Panel.

The toolbars at the top of the screen provide quick access to frequently used tools. Use the Load Media button to add video, image and audio files to your composition. Use the New Object button on the Home toolbar to select an object to be added to your composition. Add Text, Masks or Effects to your video. To save your project for editing later, use the Save button on the title bar or in the File menu. To save your video as a movie file, use the Save Video button or export to HTML5 using the Save HTML5 button. Also, on the Home toolbar are the common editing tools, such as Undo and Redo, Cut, Copy and Paste.

Finally, on the Object toolbar, there is a button for each Object type, which makes it easy to add them to your project. It also includes buttons for Text, Select All and Delete.

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