[Fixed] - Windows cannot find the Microsoft software license terms windows 10


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[Fixed] - Windows cannot find the Microsoft software license terms windows 10
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In this video we are going to see how to solve this error Windows cannot find the Microsoft software license terms make sure the installation sources are valid and restart the installation.
So this I carry while installing VM machine on my VMware lab and I was getting this error quite a few times and while
I was not able to complete the installation of Windows 10 operating system I was just looking for how I can Solace and found the solution and I have to show you how to resolve this issue so if you are installing a VM.
VM virtual machine in your environment and getting this error then simply go virtual machine you can increase the memory had set 512 MB and I will change it to.
Are more than 600 or 700 and this issue would get I will cause so I increase the memory. to And will continue the installation from going to setup for 32 bit operating system and will check if I get this error or not.
So click on is starting will the software license I have already checked that in my lab in click on the virgin what you want to install on I check I select Windows 10 Pro.
issue is you can now install your operating system as you wanted to understand this is that I have resolve this issue so thank you for watching this video and be ready to.

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