HOME RECORDING SETUP – EPISODE 1 – Computers & Interfaces w/ Conni Ettinger & ClickCollective


ClickCollective & Conni Ettinger (audio engineer) teamed up to create this very special video series for you. In this series you'll learn all the basics you need to know to step up your home recording setup.

Please note: Neither Conni nor ClickCollective are sponsored by specific brands. All the products mentioned in this video series simply are products we love to use ourselves.

ClickCollective is an online platform & community for FLINTA* (female, lesbian, inter, non-binary, trans, agender) musicians, offering tutorials, masterclasses & workshops with inspiring artists, songwriting sessions and more. Feel free to join our community! :)

EP 1: Computers & Interfaces
EP 2: Digital Audio Workstation (recording programs)
EP 3: Microphones
EP 4: Instruments & Signals
EP 5: Headphones
EP 6: Acoustics
Concept: Conni Ettinger & Christina Kerschner
Script: Conni Ettinger
Filming & Editing: Christina Kerschner
powered by ClickCollective

Conni Ettinger (based in Vienna):
Conni is an independent sound engineer working in both – the live and the studio sector with bands like Russkaja, Coffeeshock Company, Krawall and My Ugly Clementine. Aside from her time on the road, she has gained profound engineering skills working in recording studios and performing audio operations such as mixing and editing on various projects including different types of music, podcasts and TV spots.

Christina Kerschner:

♫ "Chill Beat" – Vicat (Introduction)

♫ "lofi." – Yvonne Moriel (Episode 1)

♫ "Another Way" – Engel Mayr (Trailer)

Sound recording software
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