How Recording Connection's Audio and Music School Program Works


Recording Connection brings you audio and music production education upgraded for the 21st Century. We're Located in hundreds of recording studios throughout the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada, UK, Australia.

If you want to learn any of the following and don't want to spend years or go deep into debt, learn more about us for real-world, in-industry education in audio engineering, music production, hip hop and beatmaking, live sound, Logic, Ableton, ProTools, Reason, Electronic Music Composition, composing for film & TV, Cubase, FL studio. For every DAW, every genre, we can find a professional mentor who will train you privately and one-on-one. Want to learn the business side of the music business? We can get you going. Want to learn post production or mastering? Reach out. Learn more at

Our alternative to conventional audio school and audio programs does not put you inside of a classroom where you're stuck learning either too slow or too fast. In fact, we don't do classrooms at all. Why? We've found a better way to get seriously dedicated, hard working people in prime position to start building their future music careers right from the very first day of their education.

Our mentors are not teachers in colleges or universities. Our mentors are actual working audio engineers, music producers, music mixers, live sound specialists, touring DJs, and music business professionals. If accepted into one of our programs, you will receive in-studio, one-on-one, private lessons with your mentor.

From day one, you're learning in a real recording studio, where real clients, real artists, real professionals in the music business are coming in to work on actual commercial projects, even songs destined to be the next big hit or dance anthem. With us, you're given the opportunity to make those important career connections which can lead you to the future you want.

We're not here to bore you. We're throwing you into the fire, right into the mix, where you're getting an immersive, 360°experience during which you learn what it's like to work in the music industry for a living, including the stress, the etiquette, and the unique nature of the business.

You also receive delivery of your course curriculum, written solely for Recording Connection by industry professionals, via our proprietary online Learning Management System (LMS). Along with our current, industry-oriented curriculum and learning tools, you also have a second mentor back at Recording Connection headquarters, our Online Education and Administrative Offices in Los Angeles. Available from 9:00 am - 6pm Pacific, these Academic Facilitators are there to help you with homework, tutor you, answer your questions on software, techniques, and augment everything you're learning with your in-studio mentor.

To learn more, contact an Admissions Counselor (1-800-755-7597) who can answer your questions and even set you up to go into a recording studio in your area where you'll interview with your prospective mentor. Ready to bring your A-game? Reach out.
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