How to burn a DVD on windows 10 without any software


Disc burning is a very easy process in Windows 10 using window disc burner. We also mentioned a few more methods of disc burning such as by window media player and so on. You can check here:

00:28 Step 1: Insert your CD or DVD on your computer DVD player
00:52 Step 2: Locate the files you want to burn in the CD.
01:12 Step 3: Right-click on a folder or file you want to burn, and hover on a send to button
01:18 Step 4: Choose your DVD drive. In my case, it is E drive
01:25 Step 5: Configure disk burning options
02:00 Step 6: Click next
02:16 Step 7: Right-click inside a DVD drive and click on the burn to disc option
02:20 Step 8: Hit next to start the burning process
03:04 Step 9: Click the Finish button to close the window
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