How to convert voice recording to text on computer


In this video, you'll learn how to easily convert a voice recording to text on your computer using an online video editor called Veed.

Convert voice recording to text on computer - +Description&utm_medium=How+to+convert+voice+recording+to+text+on+computer&utm_source=YouTube

You don't need fancy software to convert your MP4 video into GIFs and add all the customizations you want. Make the conversion process easy using Veed's online video editor.

How to convert a MP4 video to GIF step by step:
00:00 Intro
00:50 Getting started with Veed
01:27 Converting your voice recording to text
02:29 Editing your text transcription
02:53 Downloading your voice as a Text file
03:30 Downloading your voice as a closed captions
03:50 Turning your voice recording into a video

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Good luck!

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Veed is a simple online video editing platform, perfect for creating social media video content. You can use Veed to crop, trim, filter, add music to videos, automatically generate subtitles, turn podcasts into videos, and much more.

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