How To Dual Boot Steam Deck - Steam OS & Windows - Full Tutorial Guide


How To Dual Boot Steam Deck - Steam OS & Windows - Full Tutorial Guide

In this video, I show you how to turn your Steam Deck into a Dual-Booting machine that can launch either Steam OS or Windows on the same Hard Drive/SSD as easy as possible.
(Make sure to backup everything you want to keep beforehand, unplug your Micro SD for the duration of the Tutorial)

Everything You Need:

1x Steam Deck
1x USB-C Adapter
1x USB Keyboard
1x USB Mouse
3x 8GB USB Sticks (If you don't have 3, you can Format and Install the OS 3 times on 1x USB if you like in between, having 3 just makes the process more streamlined)
Optional: 2x Micro SD Cards - 1 for Steam OS and 1 for Windows (You can resize a big partition for Steam OS if you have a big NVMe and just don't use the Micro SD slot and keep Windows on a small Partition using the SD Card slot, vice versa)

To Download - In Order (Make sure everything is organised and you know how to make Portable USB's beforehand)

SteamOS Recovery Image (From Valve) - (Link in Step 1)
GParted - (From SourceForge)
Rufus -
Windows 10 (From Microsoft) -
Windows 10 Drivers -
(Direct Links)
Radeon Ryzen GPU Driver -
SD Card Driver -
Bluetooth Driver (Needed for Headsets/Speakers) -
Wi-Fi Driver -

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Camera: Samsung Galaxy S8
Bluetooth Speaker - JBL GO 2
SD: 400GB Sandisk
Steam Deck - 256GB NVMe (Previously 64GB)

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Driver for windows
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