How To Fix Sound in Windows 11 - No Audio Device Is Installed


To Fix Sound in Windows 11 such as it says that “No Audio Device Is Installed”, try one of the following methods:
Method 1:
Open the windows settings – click on troubleshoot – select other troubleshooters – click on “Run” towards “Playing audio” – then let the windows troubleshooter detect and suggest you an appropriate fix for your problem. Apply those fixes and that will help you fix your problem.
Method 2:
Open device manager – expand the device audio inputs and outputs – right click on its driver software – disable and then enable the driver software as shown in this video.
If this doesn’t fix your problem, once again right click on the driver software and then click on the first option update the driver – then try to update the driver software automatically and then manually as shown in this video – don’t forget to restart your computer after trying this method.
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