How To Make a Song in Audacity - Recording, Editing, & How to Sound Like Lil Mosey/Travis Scott 2020


This is the much-awaited tutorial on how to make a song in Audacity from start to finish. In this video, I cover the process of how I made my song, "Tears from the Sky" using only my Blue Yeti with editing done in Audacity.

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0:00 Intro
2:05 Coming Up with Ideas for a Song
7:27 How To Record and Edit Vocals
9:34 Plugins and Effects Demonstration
10:54 Ad-Libs and Background Vocals
10:57 Outro

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- Spotify:
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Download the free Audacity plugins mentioned in this video:
- Download You Wa Shock:
- Download TDR Nova:
- Download Spitfish:

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My full Audacity editing settings:
Auto-Tune: C Major; retune speed 2; humanize 0
You Wa Shock: preset A, 20%
TDR Nova: "Rain Snow Chorus" preset; download it here:
Bass and Treble: bass +0; treble +5
Amplify: default max
Compressor: ratio 8:1
Amplify: -2 db
Spitfish: minimal default preset
TAL Reverb II: "Rain Snow Chorus" preset; download it here:
Amplify: default max

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My gear:
- [camera] Panasonic Lumix G7:
- [autofocus prime lens] Panasonic 25mm :
- [prime lens] KamLan prime:
- [vlogging microphone] RODE VideoMicro:
- [voiceover microphone] Blue Yeti:
- [budget voiceover microphone] Blue Snowball iCE:
- [laptop] Acer Aspire E15:
- [tripod] Mactrem PT55 aluminum tripod:
- [video lighting] Amzdeal softbox kit:

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Music prod. by Tofito
Sound recording software
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