How To Update Drivers On Windows 10 PC (2021)


Let's show you how to update your drivers on Windows 10 on your PC laptop or desktop.

In this video, I walk you through the steps to update your drivers on Windows 10 on your PC. Click on the Search bar and enter the word Drivers and then click on Device Manager. In the window that opens you can update the drivers for all your Devices. For example, if I want to update the drivers for my display, I would click on the little arrow next to Display Adapters, right-click on my display device and then choose Update Driver. You have two options: allow windows to look for the latest updates automatically or you can select the driver if you have it saved on your machine. I recommend letting Windows automatically search for the driver and then updating it.

I hope this video helped solve your problem. App still not working? If so, drop your question in a comment below!
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