How to use Yamaha Keyboard with DAW software - song import, integration and drums mapping

This video is I will show you:
- How to create song with drums and style and record it in Yamaha PSR-S or PSR-SX keyboard
- How to use samples from Yamaha Keyboard to playback MIDI from DAW Software in real time
- How to use Multi channel recording do add another MIDI track with solo part
- How to record left hand and right on keyboard separately - in separate takes
- How to save song with drums and style into MIDI File
- How to copy song and open it in DAW Software - Steinberg Cubase
- What is Sys-Ex Data MIDI Track
- What is Chord Data and how Yamaha use it to store style information in general MIDI file
- How to import MIDI File (Song) into #Cubase DAW
- What is the difference in DAW and DAWLess in relation to sound engine
- How to integrate DAW and #Yamaha hardware Keyboard
- How to extend you Yamaha PSR #MIDI Editing options
- How to play midi file from DAW thru Yamaha PSR keyboard

Video about MIDI vs WAV and more detailing in MIDI multi - track recording is here:

If you wish to know how to connect your keyboard with USB MIDI

The compatible models with the DAW integration solution presented here includes:
Yamaha PSR-S670
Yamaha PSR-S770
Yamaha PSR-S950
Yamaha PSR-S975
Yamaha PSR-SX600
Yamaha PSR-SX700
Yamaha PSR-SX900

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