"I hit my first ever MW2 elevator trickshots back to back tries with a Twitch streamer's THIS WAS INSANE! (Live Modded Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 IW4x Search and Destroy Trickshotting Road To A Killcam Stream Highlights with 13+ Insane Trickshot Final Killcams, Funny Moments and Crazy Reactions)"

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The MW2 trickshotting action is back boys! For today's video, I'll be playing some modded Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on the IW4X client going for Search and Destroy trickshot final killcams with my Twitch viewers in the SnR Servers, and unfortunately I'm still on a drystreak on IW4X at the moment BUT I hit an insane unsetup give and go zoomload bounce trickshot on a tryhard who was sweating on the console version of MW2 on Xbox 360. Hope everyone enjoys this video and has a great rest of their day - make sure to subscribe with post notifications on AND leave a LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE if you enjoyed!

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00:00 - Intro
00:05 - Game 1: Rust
06:05 - Introducing Umzi
08:02 - My first ever elevator trickshot
09:12 - Streamer reacts to my first elevator ever
09:33 - I hit trickshots back to back tries
10:21 - Streamer reacts to back to back trickshots
10:50 - Outro

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