Install Windows 10 ARM on Apple Silicon Mac Using QEMU Virtualizer Software! - Part 1


Part 1 - Do you want to install and test the ARM version of Windows 10 on your Apple Silicon Mac? This video is a step-by-step tutorial on how install the ARM version of Windows 10 using the QEMU Open Source Virtualizer Software!!! I will walk you through how to download the Insider Preview of Windows 10 ARM edition then install and configure QEMU Virtualizer Software.

Hat Tips!
1. Alex Graf for putting this amazing patch together and getting this to work! Follow him on Twitter -
2. Macrumors Forum Member 1958llakin who put this amazing walkthrough together plus even saving us time and building out all the settings!

Main Thread - written by 1958llakin

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1. Download from #p6IMBJlFqqNKuGonwrDkPOVKQj8yHCVgiLOYVaGvs4M or this forum attachment. It contains pre-built versions of qemu-system-aarch64, , and (All of these are open-source, and you can build them yourself by following instructions in the next section.)
2. qemu-m1 folder is now in your downloads folder.
3. Download Windows Insider Preview ARM64 from Microsoft at , which will get you a VHDX image.
4. Using Finder, move the downloaded VHDX image into the unzipped qemu-m1 folder.
5. Open Terminal and navigate to the qemu-m1 folder. Copy and paste the code below to Terminal, and press return.
cd ~/Downloads/qemu-m1
6. Start the QEMU virtual machine. Copy and paste the code below to Terminal (copy and paste the entire block all at once), and press return.
./qemu-system-aarch64 \
-M virt \
-accel hvf \
-m 5G \
-smp 4 \
-cpu max \
-device ramfb \
-serial stdio \
-drive file=,if=none,id=NVME1 \
-device nvme,drive=NVME1,serial=nvme-1 \
-device nec-usb-xhci \
-device usb-kbd \
-device usb-tablet \
-device intel-hda -device hda-duplex \
-drive file=,if=pflash,index=1 \

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