Learn how to mine Cryptocurrency, including Monero, using Linux.


Today's Cooking With Linux video is made possible by Linux Journal, the original magazine of the Linux community. In this episode of Cooking With Linux, we're diving deep into the well of cryptocurrency and it's seductive promise of finding money just lying around among the bits and bytes bouncing around your idle computer. In this video, I'll show you how to use your Linux system, including a few spare CPU cycles here and there, to mine some cryptocurrency and maybe - just maybe - get rich, famous, powerful, and other unspecified things beyond the dreams of avarice. Or not. [ insert appropriate smiley here ] I'll be looking primarily at Monero (XMR), and open source cryptocurrency that focuses heavily on privacy and, as such, is considered almost untraceable.

Links mentioned on the show include :

1) My video on BOINC -
3) (cryptocurrency)
4) #/
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