Learn Python Basics - Complete Course for Beginners with Craig Dennis


Learn the building blocks of the wonderful general-purpose programming language Python.

Meet Python

0:00 Welcome
4:43 Running Scripts
9:43 The Python Shell
15:49 Syntax and Errors
24:21 Variables
34:13 Input and Coding Style

Types and Branching

40:24 Numeric
51:22 Strings and Operators
58:39 String Methods
1:07:05 Booleans
1:14:57 If, Else and Elif
1:26:09 Comparisons

Functions and Looping

1:37:05 Functions
1:48:42 Returning Values
2:00:10 Expecting Exceptions
2:07:25 Raising Exceptions
2:12:11 While Loops
2:21:43 For Loops

All Together Now

2:24:52 The Project
2:29:07 Gather Information
2:35:50 Branch and Loop
2:45:16 Handle Exceptions
2:54:22 Cleaner Code Through Refactoring
3:01:03 Wrapping Up

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