Live 2.5 – Realtime Animation Software Key Product Updates


Check out the new Faceware Studio! It's the new and vastly improved version of the software used in this video:


Introducing Live – best in class realtime facial motion capture software made for today’s animation professionals. Key features include:

-Tracking in almost any conditions, with greater stability and ability to detect different types of faces (including low light conditions, heavy facial hair, glasses, variety of different skin tones).

-Animation tuning to customize Live’s realtime animation to a user’s face using the new suite of tools in the Animation Tuning window, as well as save and load profiles so that multiple user can easily access their own ideal setup.

-Additional animation preview characters to select from in Live’s Preferences with enhanced capabilities including streaming head position along with rotation.

-Options for data streaming such as streaming UV landmark position for driving landmark points in realtime and greater creative control for artists.

-Recording animation directly into your game engine of choice (Unity, MoBu, Unreal, etc.), with options for virtual production including use with Unreal Engine 4 Sequencer and Blueprint.

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