LOVE DEATH + KRUGSTON (Krugston Universe EP.1)


In an animated brawl for superiority, two brothers duke it out-- in giant mech suits.

Here it is! The animated series I've spent the better part of 4 months working on is ready for you all to see, so here's the first episode.

Discord server:

This whole series is heavily inspired by the animated Netflix show Love Death + Robots, so it seemed appropriate to name the first animation after why I'm doing this in the first place.

--"How many episodes of KRUGSTON UNIVERSE are there?"
Three (for now).

Commonly asked questions:
--"Hey Noah, any drawing tablet recommendations?"
Yeah Huion makes some good quality cheap tablets, and if it's in your price range, the Kamvas Pro 22 has been really good to me (It was sent to me for free like 3 years ago and it still KICKS.)

--"I want to animate, but I need animation software recommendations because I can't use GOOGLE!!"
I use ToonBoom Harmony:

--"Sure, but I need to be able to edit my eccentric dictator speeches with SOMETHING"
Holy crap just use Resolve and chill out:

Ay what's up guys? Fancy seeing you here. How's life? Are you still watching Minecraft youtubers? Listen, there's nothing inherently wrong with watching youtubers like Dream, georgenotfound or sapnap, but maybe just consider the content you consume on the daily. Me and Cameron Clayton have been very closely watching how Mrbeast does stuff on the platform and it's been really inspiring to see that there might be a chance at making YouTube a full time job. That whole paragraph was genuine, so now it's time for dirty stuff: You guys watch squid game? Everyone liked it but I think squid game fell off after red light green light and didn't pick up very well. I started watching Arcane on Netflix recently (The League of Legends cartoon) and it's pretty good, gorgeous visuals. This video is much like other animated cartoons like hazbin hotel and hellavu boss which is made by dozens of various animators.

Thanks for watching my animation! It means a lot to me.
Kruggy out ✌
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