M1 MAX with 64GB RAM Photography Review, Do you need this much power?


M1 Max with 64 GB Memory Pro Photographer Review. This is a powerful machine and Apple has in many aspect has build a desktop class machine and pack it down into a compact 14 and 16" chassis in the new MacBook Pro. There's a lot of love about these new machine, the efficiency, the quietness, battery life, great displays and many more. But how does this top of the line machine performs in various photos test including Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, Capture 1, Photoshop & Final Cut Pro. You might be surprise that the perforce is improvements is not as unilateral across all of the app. I have some theory with proof in this video why this might be the case but it comes down to optimization. Most of the photos software are not fully optimized for these new machines just yet. So right now they are using brute processor power to get the job done and it is fast but it could be better. In addition, multiple aspects of these machines are tested against each other, CPU/GPU M1 PRO or M1 MAX, RAM 16 vs 32 vs 64 GB, SSD Speed vs capacity and many more. Find out in this video.

Diglloyd Photoshop Test

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Time Stamp
00:00 Intro
00:43 Preface
01:22 M1 Pro & MAX Test System
02:13 CPU Reminder
02:34 Various Test System
03:45 SSD Speed
04:09 SSD Speed Chart
05:22 Build In Display & Calibration
05:44 External Display Calibration
05:49 Number of Displays
06:09 Real World Benchmark
06:15 M1 Max High Power Mode
07:04 Lightroom Classic LRC 1:1 Preview 1000 RAW Files
09:16 LRC Export 1000 RAW Files
10:23 Theory Why We are not seeing the speed
11:02 LRC Export on Battery
12:32 Fan Noise & Why 16” is a better for noise
13:12 LRC HDR Merge
13:29 LRC Panorama Merge
14:44 Lightroom CC LR 1K Export
15:35 LR Export Engine
15:56 LRC vs LR Export CPU Utilization
16:39 CPU Core Usage Breakdown
17:52 Capture 1 Import Preview
18:33 Capture 1 Export 1000 Files GPU Usage
19:25 Photoshop PS Test
19:30 Diglloyd Test
19:38 PS Speed Test CPU Usage
20:05 PS Medium GB File
21:07 PS Huge 56GB
22:04 Final Cut Pro FCP
22:07 FCP Export
22:42 FCP HEVC Export
22:56 FCP ProRes 422
23:41 Best Laptop Mac for Pro CPU/GPU
24:19 RAM
24:44 SSD Speed vs Capacity
25:47 Configure Based on what you do
26:08 Photography Adobe Apps
27:39 Photography Capture 1
28:04 Final Cut Pro Users
28:36 Wrap Up.

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Director of Photography & Filming by
Art Suwansang
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